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The Dog Days of Summer

Forty Hottest Days of the Year

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Name:The Forty Hottest Days of the Year
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Community description:Fic theme community for the Dog Days of Summer.

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Welcome to [community profile] dog_daies. This is a fic theme community similar to, and inspired by, such LiveJournal-based luminaries as [community profile] 31_days -- except that our theme is, as the name implies, the Dog Days of Summer, the forty hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The days in question are from July 6th to August 17th. On July 1st, I will post the list of forty themes, one for each day, on this profile page.


July 6th: I Should Write A Book About This
July 7th: Really Seven Hundred Years Old
July 8th: Life or Limb Decision
July 9th: Freak Lab Accident
July 10th: Room Full of Crazy
July 11th: Beat Still, My Heart
July 12th: Strapped To An Operating Table
July 13th: You Won’t Feel A Thing
July 14th: Connect the Deaths
July 15th: Playing With Syringes
July 16th: Gone Horribly Wrong
July 17th: The Eyes Have It
July 18th: No Plans, No Prototype, No Back-Up
July 19th: Gone Horribly Right
July 20th: Too Many Mouths
July 21st: They Would Cut You Up
July 22nd: Putting the ‘Romance’ In Necromancy
July 23rd: The Darkness Gazes Back
July 24th: Faster Than They Look
July 25th: How We Got Here
July 26th: Don’t Go In the Woods
July 27th: Powered By A Forsaken Child
July 28th: Let the Past Burn
July 29th: Once Is Not Enough
July 30th: Four Eyes, Zero Soul
July 31st: Red Eyes, Take Warning
August 1st: You Are Who You Eat
August 2nd: Lost Him In A Card Game
August 3rd: A Storm Is Coming
August 4th: I Have Many Names
August 5th: Sealed Evil In A Can
August 6th: Nothing Under the Mask
August 7th: I Can See You
August 8th: Sealed Inside A Person-Shaped Can
August 9th: Be Careful What You Wish For
August 10th: Lost In the Shadows
August 11th: The Glasses Come Off
August 12th: The Gloves Come Off
August 13th: You Look Like You’ve Seen A Ghost
August 14th: A Bloody Mess
August 15th: Hemo Erotic
August 16th: Things I Will Do If I Am Ever the Vampire
August 17th: Undeath Always Ends


July 6: Terror At Makeout Point
July 7: The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
July 8: Never Sleep Again
July 9: Spiders Are Scary
July 10: Attack of the Killer Whatever
July 11: Gory Deadly Overkill Title of Fatal Death
July 12: Not A Mask
July 13: The Stars Are Going Out
July 14: Beast With A Human Face
July 15: Harbinger of Impending Doom
July 16: Not Using the Z Word
July 17: Things That Go Bump In the Night
July 18: Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts
July 19: Hell Is THAT NOISE
July 20: Fog of Doom
July 21: Too Many Mouths
July 22: Coming From Inside the House
July 23: Once Is Not Enough
July 24: Town With A Dark Secret
July 25: Visiting the Uncanny Valley
July 26: Camp Totally Unsafe For Children
July 27: I Can See You
July 28: Paint the Town Red
July 29: Very Loosely Based On A True Story
July 30: Circus of Oh Hell No
July 31: No Party Like A Donner Party
August 1: Pleasure Island
August 2: You Look Like You’ve Seen A Ghost
August 3: The Darkness Gazes Back
August 4: Ryokan of No Return
August 5: Quarantine With Extreme Prejudice
August 6: Things Man Was Not Meant To Know
August 7: Death by Road Trip
August 8: Let’s Split Up, Gang
August 9: Rain of Blood
August 10: Skeleton Crew
August 11: FFS, Don’t Go In the Woods
August 12: The Most Dangerous Video Game
August 13: Room Full of Crazy
August 14: Scare Dare
August 15: A Fete Worse Than Death
August 16: Museum of the Strange and Unusual
August 17: Nothing But Skulls


July 6: Consentacles
July 7: Lovemap
July 8: Polyamory
July 9: Star-crossed
July 10: Dragobete
July 11: Banquet of Chestnuts
July 12: The Screw of Archimedes
July 13: The Bucket In the Well
July 14: Love's Tailor
July 15: Soul With Soul
July 16: The Jewels of the Lovers and the Rejoicing of Souls
July 17: The Leaf of the Blue Lotus
July 18: The Coral and the Jewel
July 19: The Sixty-Four Arts
July 20: Milk and Water
July 21: Hips, Loins, Thighs
July 22: For Thy Love Is Better Than Wine
July 23: I held him and would not let him go
July 24: Whenever my shining desire wishes
July 25: Let us live, let us love
July 26: The Flower In Bloom
July 27: The Secret Offering
July 28: The Ardent Dreamer
July 29: The Forbidden Tree
July 30: The Ecstatic Dance
July 31: The Phoenix of Joy
August 1: The Snake Charmer
August 2: The Mysterious Liaison
August 3: But I would really enjoy it
August 4: Come back to bed, honey
August 5: Did you just romance Cthulhu?
August 6: Hemoerotic
August 7: Interplay of Sex and Violence
August 8: One Thing Led To Another
August 9: Stupid Sexy Friends
August 10: But liquor is quicker
August 11: You Sexy Beast
August 12: The Big Damn Kiss
August 13: Combative Sexual Tension
August 14: Friends With Benefits
August 15: Like An Old Married Couple
August 16: Love Is In the Air
August 17: Irrumatio


July 6: ‘Follow the Sun’
July 7: ‘A little brighter now’
July 8: ‘Take my hand’
July 9: ‘Lift your eyes’
July 10: ‘Don’t let go’
July 11: ‘Until the shadows fade’
July 12: ‘Set the world on fire’
July 13: ‘Burn brighter than the Sun’
July 14: ‘Carry me home tonight’
July 15: ‘An Endless Summer’
July 16: ‘A kiss was just a kiss’
July 17: ‘Shine your light on me’
July 18: ‘One Summer Dream’
July 19: ‘Summer song sung all along’
July 20: ‘Write it in the sand’
July 21: ‘Swim the laughing sea’
July 22: ‘Keep the fire burning until the light of day’
July 23: ‘Tell me that your love is true’
July 24: ‘Laughter in the raging sea’
July 25: ‘The fire burning inside of me’
July 26: ‘Voices on the wind’
July 27: ‘A kiss for every star’
July 28: ‘A joy reckless and wild’
July 29: ‘In those wild bowers’
July 30: ‘To the summer we will come’
July 31: ‘Still within a summer’s night’
August 1: ‘As Summer into Autumn slips’
August 2: ‘The last of Summer is delight’
August 3: ‘Nature’s clock was chiming’
August 4: ‘Summer slowly blows away’
August 5: ‘It was cool’
August 6: ‘And it was dusk’
August 7: ‘Luring summer leaves to hum and sway’
August 8: ‘Just hold me close’
August 9: ‘Summer droplets sweating on autumn’
August 10: ‘Washing away Summer’s sin’
August 11: ‘From all the autumn bonfires’
August 12: ‘And all the summer flowers’
August 13: ‘Flowers in the summer’
August 14: ‘Fires in the fall’
August 15: ‘Autumn whispers to the falling leaves’
August 16: ‘Summer’s almost gone’
August 17: ‘When the leaves burn, summer ends’


July 6th: I Want Summer Back
July 7th: Live In the Sunshine
July 8th: Swim In the Sea
July 9th: Drink In the Wild Air
July 10th: Get A Room!
July 11th: That Feeling In Summer of Just Not Knowing What Day It Is
July 12th: And We Frolic About In Our Summer Skin
July 13th: Back To Summer Paradise With You
July 14th: Love Will Lead You Back
July 15th: Life Without Love Is Like A Year Without Summer
July 16th: Your Light Will Shine When All Else Fades
July 17th: That Endless Summer, Take Me There
July 18th: That Summer Romance I’ll Never Forget
July 19th: Life Was Beginning Over Again With the Summer
July 20th: We’ll Still Have the Summer After All
July 21st: Summertime Is the Best of What Might Be
July 22nd: Literally Falling In Love
July 23rd: Let Us Dance In the Sun
July 24th: Sweet, Sweet Burn of Sun and Summer Wind
July 25th: Here’s To All Those Summer Nights
July 26th: Summer-Induced Stupidity
July 27th: Sweet Summer Sweat
July 28th: A Worship In the Summer Sun
July 29th: On A Long Sweet Summer Night
July 30th: Endless Summer Days I Spent With You
July 31st: Mad, Naked Summer Nights
August 1st: Half the Summer Is Gone Already
August 2nd: Til the Days of Summer Are Gone
August 3rd: The Sun Has Almost Slipped Away
August 4th: Why Is Summer Mist Romantic and Autumn Mist Just Sad?
August 5th: On the Last Wave of Summer
August 6th: Always Summers Are Slipping Away
August 7th: Our Summer Will Come Again
August 8th: Our Last Summer
August 9th: But, Oh, Those Summer Nights
August 10th: My Fickle Friend, the Summer Wind
August 11th: Can You Hear the Summer Calling You?
August 12th: Summer Love Can’t Stay
August 13th: Summer Blows Away
August 14th: Your Smile Fades In the Summer
August 15th: The Summer Ends and We Wonder Where We Are
August 16th: At the Dead End of Summer
August 17th: Every Summer Has Its Own Story


July 6th: ‘Do not shine. Do not seek to shine.Burn.’
July 7th: ‘Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.’
July 8th: ‘Wide open to the Sun’
July 9th: ‘Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair...’
July 10th: ‘A light shines through us upon all things’
July 11th: ‘Light is good from whatever lamp it shines.’
July 12th: ‘What is to give light must endure burning.’
July 13th: ‘Love is not consolation -- it is light.’
July 14th: ‘All that’s blessed by light’
July 15th: ‘Sunshine is my quest.’
July 16th: ‘An infinite land of day.’
July 17th: ‘Keep your flame lit and you will never feel the darkness.’
July 18th: ‘Written in light’
July 19th: ‘Shines and warms’
July 20th: ‘The Pursuit of Sweetness and Light’
July 21st: ‘That’s how the light gets in’
July 22nd: ‘One spot of sun spilling onto the floor’
July 23rd: ‘Rise in perfect light’
July 24th: ‘Beauty is a light in the heart’
July 25th: ‘Wine is sunlight held together by water’
July 26th: ‘Radiant and bright’
July 27th: ‘Your path is illuminated by the light, yet darkness lets the stars shine brighter.’
July 28th: ‘I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.’
July 29th: ‘Out of the Heart of Darkness’
July 30th: ‘Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars’
July 31st: ‘Most glorious night!’
August 1st: ‘The innumerable stars, shining’
August 2nd: ‘With the moon in her hand’
August 3rd: ‘Night is a world lit by itself.’
August 4th: ‘O, radiant Dark!’
August 5th: ‘Blossomed the lovely stars’
August 6th: ‘But seemed far beautifuller than its day’
August 7th: ‘Leave your nights open to chance’
August 8th: ‘Night’s black mantle’
August 9th: ‘The healing dark’
August 10th: ‘A silver glory for despair’
August 11th: ‘And wisdom mounts her zenith with the stars’
August 12th: ‘Seek the breast of darkness’
August 13th: ‘Mad, naked summer night’
August 14th: ‘And the night shall be filled with music’
August 15th: ‘When stars come out to watch the daylight die’
August 16th: ‘Mine is the night, with all her stars’
August 17th: ‘At the darkest moment comes the light’


July 6th: ’I don’t want to be friends’
July 7th: ‘The burning cathedral of summer...’
July 8th: ‘I have never forgotten your smile...’
July 9th: ‘Ah, summer, what power have you to make us suffer and like it.’
July 10th: ‘Tears are the summer showers to the soul.’
July 11th: ‘We always believe that our first love is our last and our last love is our first.’
July 12th: ‘I know I am but the summer to your heart, not the full four seasons of the year.’
July 13th: ‘And summer’s lease have all too short a date.’
July 14th: ‘Never fear the darkness.’
July 15th: ‘The song sings itself’
July 16th: ‘filled with a dreamy and magical light’
July 17th: ‘so full of gladness and so full of pain’
July 18th: ‘I wasn’t really naked -- I simply didn’t have any clothes on’
July 19th: ‘Hell’s afloat in lovers’ tears’
July 20th: ‘what the heart has once owned and had, it will never lose’
July 21st: ‘jeweled balm for the battered spirit’
July 22nd: ‘time has not cropped the roses from your cheek’
July 23rd: ‘breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit’
July 24th: ‘in vino, veritas’
July 25th: ‘last night we spoke of love’
July 26th: ‘here at the quiet limit of the world’
July 27th: ‘don’t go away’
July 28th: ‘aurora musis amica’
July 29th: ‘where land meets water’
July 30th: ‘where earth meets air’
July 31st: ‘where sea meets sky’
August 1st: ‘Once Upon A Lammas Night’
August 2nd: ‘...and like a dream of beauty glides away’
August 3rd: ‘to the heart that’s coming home’
August 4th: ‘I hear you calling’
August 5th: ‘turn your face to the sun’
August 6th: ‘breathless’
August 7th: ‘Qi Qiao Jie’
August 8th: ‘my heart’s content’
August 9th: ‘shine kindly here’
August 10th: ‘Garden of the Sun’
August 11th: ‘here’s to the nights’
August 12th: ‘life in the heat’
August 13th: ‘let it begin’
August 14th: ‘...and pins it with a star’
August 15th: ‘long sweet summer night’
August 16th: ‘I’ll leave when I want to’
August 17th: ‘this season of waning light’


July 6: 'The summer night is like a perfection of thought.'
July 7: 'The Weaver and the Cowherd'
July 8: 'It is a great thing to know our vices.'
July 9: 'life as yet untouched by tragedy'
July 10: 'O the summer-time is coming, and the trees are sweetly blooming...'
July 11: 'There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in proportion.'
July 12: 'eye contact is the best accessory'
July 13: 'But the body is deeper than the soul and its secrets inscrutable.'
July 14: 'Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.'
July 15: 'The one thing you can't trade for your heart's desire is your heart.'
July 16: 'Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who only dream by night.'
July 17: 'Bacchus hath drowned more men than Neptune'
July 18: 'Aw, look, they really do love one another!'
July 19: 'Destructo Nookie'
July 20: 'Fear leads to anger, anger leads to yelling, yelling leads to wild, biting, clawing sex on the nearest vaguely horizontal object. The horizontal object is totally optional.'
July 21: 'Even the guys/girls want him/her.'
July 22: 'happiness in slavery'
July 23: 'interspecies romance'
July 24: 'kiss kiss slap'
July 25: 'slap slap kiss'
July 26: 'dress hits floor'
July 27: 'you fail sex ed forever'
July 28: 'and there was much rejoicing!'
July 29: 'the sun, the sea, the sand, the little frozen cocktails that taste like Kool Aid so you drink too many of them...'
July 30: 'and what is she doing to prove her love to you?'
July 31: 'there's only one bed'
August 1: 'second loves'
August 2: 'bound and gagged'
August 3: 'fun with subtitles'
August 4: 'coitus uninterruptus'
August 5: 'the immodest orgasm'
August 6: '34'
August 7: '[something] on the dance floor'
August 8: 'oh, 'tis delicious to hate you!'
August 9: 'the bright, sweet summer of our youth'
August 10: 'turn the page'
August 11: 'author appeal'
August 12: 'a gypsy wind from off the sea'
August 13: 'the bright lanterns of spirit floating down the river'
August 14: 'in the forests of the night'
August 15: 'written on the warm summer rain'
August 16: 'one last fling'
August 17: 'summertime blues'


1. Please note the status of this community. I have rated it 18+ for the safety of all readers and participants and to allow the greatest range of expressive freedom in the theme responses. The production of nummy, nummy smut is not a requirement of the community but it is entirely allowed and actively encouraged. If you want to participate in the community or read its contents, you will need to be eighteen years of age or older. I will police this requirement carefully.

2. Genres, pairings, fandoms, or original fic are all open choice. There are no sign-ups or claims for particular characters or fandoms. Fanart is also welcome. Ratings may range from G to NC17.

3. One fic per theme per participant, please. Late submissions are fine, so long as all submissions are made by August 17th. Writing a theme for all forty days is not required but you're certainly welcome to do so.

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